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Simple Rules

I learned 2 things early on, my sister said. The first is don’t blame people for being the way they are. What’s the second? I said. She smiled. If they’re really stupid she said, go ahead & blame them. It’s a really simple philosophy, she added.

Simple Pleasures

this is the moon dark as a bird wing & softer, he said
& at that moment I knew only the joy of my child

Simple Mind

My grandmother used to say life was so much easier when you were simple minded. It’s taken me almost my whole life to understand what she meant.

Simple Life

I was going to live simply & give away all my money to the poor, she said, until I figured out then I’d be poor, so the simple thing was just to keep it. I like it when things make sense like that, she added.

Silver Needle

Each night, all the years we were growing up, she sat in the big yellow rocking chair & pieced together our lives with countless stitches of her silver needle.

Silver Cord

connected by a silver cord that hums with sadness the further it is stretched

Silly in Public

I figured out that if I keep it up, someday I’ll probably get wise enough to be silly in public but I probably won’t wait that long.


You’re not going to see people like this again for a long time, he said & I said I always saw people like this & he looked at me for a moment & said, You’re not from around here, are you?

Sideways Ladder

This is a sideways ladder because she likes to feel she’s making progress, but she’s afraid of heights.

Side by Side

We sat side by side in the morning light & looked out at the future together.

Side Effect

I don’t really get jet lag, she said. I just see my husband’s failings more clearly.

Short Pants

He wore the devil costume at every opportunity even though the pants were too short & could never understand why no one would take him seriously.

Short Nose

When I was young, my grandma always used to say it was good I didn’t get my dad’s nose & I thought so, too, but I always wondered if someone somewhere was walking around without a nose because of me.

Short Leash

Is convinced there’s something we can learn from the animals, but so far all she can think of is that you should shut up when someone’s got you on a leash.

Shiny Stuff

One Halloween, my sister made a magic wand & she went around giving wishes to all my friends, but when she got glitter on all the candy they yelled at her & she went home crying & later on my mom made me share my candy with her & she was so happy she flung glitter all over & gave me an extra wish I know didn’t work because I still have a sister who loves shiny stuff.

Sharp Edges

you don’t really notice how much of this stuff has sharp edges until it gets dark


Of course it’s my body, she said, but I don’t mind sharing.

Settle Down

way too much stuff to carry so it’s probably time to settle down

Sense of Touch

map of all the places you’ll find around here if you put in enough effort & are willing to travel using only your sense of touch

Sense of Directionlessness

cursed with an unerring sense of directionlessness even when things are going well