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Promise #1

Promises to Myself #1: I will tell the truth unless I get confused & I think I could get in real trouble if someone found out, in which case, I will lie as convincingly as possible for as long as I feel the need.


the water washed away everything but the chance to begin again
so we came from cities & towns, from long golden fields
& we stood side by side until we made a bridge to dry land,
back to a place we have promised to hold safe for each other’s children,
back to a place called America


It’s an invention, he said. What’s it do? I said. I don’t know, he said. It’s not finished yet.

Pro Choice

I’ve been feeling like the time is coming when I’m going to have to balance the scales, she told me, & now I wish I’d waited on the whole cook’s kitchen thing.


I’ve never been good about watching my back because I’m too worried about walking into something & breaking my nose again.


There are times I think I’m doing things on principle, but mostly I just do what feels good. But that’s a principle, too.

Pretty Good Life

Haven’t you been on tv? she said & I had to admit
I’d had a pretty good life so they’d never had any reason to ask me.

Pretty Good Friends

pretty good friends considering they come from completely different backgrounds

Pretend Visitor

We stood out on the porch before we went inside & she told me her secret. Pretend you’re just visiting, she said. That way you’ll forget that they’re family.

Present Tense

I think they’re going to be great grown-ups, she said, because they’re really awful children.

Presence of Mind

Most of the stuff I say is true because I saw it in a dream & I don’t have the presence of mind to make up lies when I’m asleep.


I try not to think too much, he said, so my mind is ready for whatever comes up.

Preacher & the Demons

The preacher dunked her head 3 times in the basin & called out for the demons to leave & then she spit water in his face. So he extemporaneously added a fourth & by the time she came up for air the demons were considerably more restrained.


He wanted to be big so he could do all the fun stuff but small was better when it came to getting out of work.

Practical Advice

doesn’t usually advise eating chocolate for breakfast unless you’re absolutely convinced that’s the kind of advice you need

Power Suit

I have a really great power suit she said, but I never wear it because no one talks to me on those days.

Potential Energy

My life had such potential, she told me, before I found out how much work was involved.

Potato Archangel

This is how the Archangel Michael shows up to potato people & you’ll notice he’s the same in every way, except he’s a little rounder & he carries a flaming potato peeler

Pot on His Head

He wore a pot on his head in all kinds of weather.
I never learned to cook & I got it after my mother
died, he said. I just know it would make her happy that I’m using it.


Has found the real problem with Post-it Notes is that they don’t stick in your head.