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Flexible Practice

I was thinking of either meditating or napping, but the way I do it, there’s not much difference except in the explanation to the rest of my family.


I’ve been having the hardest time today coming up with excuses, she said. I think that I’m having a work ethic flashback.

First Thing

He tried hard to tell the truth but it wasn’t always that obvious, so usually he just said the first thing that came to mind.

Finger Sprouts

My uncle Obert had only 3 fingers on his left hand. He lost the others during corn planting one spring. My fingers are buried out in these fields somewhere, he used to tell us & I check for them every summer to see if they’ve sprouted yet. I asked him once what he’d do if they ever did sprout. He thought for a minute. I’d run like hell, he said, & never look back & then he made us promise not to tell my aunt.

Fine Start

I would not say I love you so much if you could teach me a better way, I said & she said that’d do fine for now.

Final Reward

Finally realizes that all the chaos is what makes tea worth it.

Final Days

I’ll bet you wouldn’t even miss me if I died, she said. Depends on if you’d been grumpy in those final days, I said & she tried to look sad but I saw the smile anyway.

Fighting Chance

What do I get for this? I said & the angel gave me a catalog filled with toasters & clock radios & a basketball signed by Michael Jordan & I said, But this is just stuff & the angel smiled at me & swallowed me in her arms. I’m so glad you said that, she whispered to me. I knew you still had a chance.

Favorite Things

My favorite thing is the wind, she said, & my second favorite is chocolate but I just do that so I don’t get too skinny & blow away

Favorite Places

I’m not that good at being a tourist because I’m always looking at the way the light shines in your hair or the way your dress opens to the wind & my favorite places in the world are places filled with you.

Fast Trot

holding the reins equally so neither of them breaks into more than a fast trot

Fast Talker

I kept having dreams I was naked, he said. I think that’s why I learned to talk so fast.

Fast Forward

Fast forwarding through her messages hoping to hear from old boyfriends who finally realize the treasure they’ve thrown away.

Fashion Beast

This pachyderm has a highly developed fashion sense for someone so far from the capitals of Europe, but it helps that she only dresses in natural fibers.

Fashion Angel

these are multi-purpose wings & when she’s not flying they accessorize nicely with almost anything she wears

Family Resemblance

no family resemblance but the pictures don’t lie

Falling Into Place

deciding everything is falling into place perfectly as long as you don’t get too picky about what you mean by place. Or perfectly.

Fairy Princess

looking for a slinky black dress for later on which is how you can tell this is a fairy princess with an edge

Fair Trade

I’ll bet you do something important, he said & I said the most important thing was watching while he slept & he said he’d do the same for me someday & we shook hands & decided it was a fair trade.

Face the Day

My eyes only see stuff I believe in already, she said. I couldn’t face the day otherwise.