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City Windows

My grandmother told me once that a city has enough windows for everybody. I still want to believe her.

Circle Game

The children sat in a circle around him & he said, I don’t believe in life anymore & no one said anything for a while because he was older than they were & maybe knew something they didn’t, but then someone said, let’s play a game & someone said, Spy & someone else said, Chase & soon there was no one there but the man sitting alone

Christmas Dragon

What’s that supposed to be? I said. That’s a Christmas dragon, he said. If Santa rode around with this instead of all those reindeer I think it’d put real teeth in the naughty-or-nice thing.

Choice Baggage

doesn’t mind carrying a few choice pieces of baggage so she has a conversation starter
in almost any social situation

Chocolate Voyage

Every afternoon my grandmother would have 2 chocolates with her coffee. I asked her once how many she thought she had eaten in her life. If you laid them all end to end to the moon & back, she said, I’d be sitting right here even as we speak & then we celebrated her return with an extra chocolate.

Chocolate Scare

You think he’s scary now? she said. Just wait till he finishes off all the chocolate.

Chocolate Drain

Two can live as cheaply as one if one of us didn’t like chocolate so much.


I used to have eyes in the back of my head, she said, but I kept throwing my back out
& my chiropractor made me stop.


possessed of an acute sense of smell & a curious nature
so no matter what city she goes to she always ends up in Chinatown

Chill Wind

Wrapped tightly against a chill wind she just remembered from a long time ago
& no amount of current time & temperature can help this one

Child Proof

We forgot to child proof our life, she said to me & I knew exactly what she meant. It had been a long day.


I remember once I went to my great-grandmother’s house. It was a big white house & it always smelled like slightly burned toast & raspberry jam. She had a picture of Jesus on the wall in her living room. She told me his eyes would follow you around when you walked. I told a friend about it a while ago. He nodded & said he used to have a Chihuahua that did the same thing.


I’ve got a lot more going on in there than you’d guess if you looked at my checkbook, she said.

Cheap Eyes

this is a bag full of eyes that stopped seeing the amazing stuff a long time ago & she’s hoping to unload them cheap


If we all jumped up & down at the same time, I said,
I’ll bet we could move the world. She nodded.
I’d throw in five bucks toward it, she said, just to see
the old man get his butt off the couch.

Center on Wheels

I spent a long time trying to find my center until I looked closely one night &
found it had wheels & moved easily in the slightest breeze, so now I spend less
time sitting and more time sailing.

Catfish (aka Fish Fry)

The first time I went to a fish fry there were all these rules for surviving a dinner of catfish like picking all the bones out & having soft white bread in case you did swallow a bone & chewing until each bite was soft enough to squirt through your teeth & someone said this was the way the pioneers used to eat & I thought no wonder they didn’t live so long back then.

Cat Lover

I’ve had cats since I was young, she said & I still love them.
See, I said, you don’t have to be smart to be happy.

Casual Chic

Ready for just about anything in a casual chic sort of way.

Careless Future

The future is a funny thing, she told me one day,
because we’re the only ones who care about it.