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Trojan Horse

this was supposed to be just like the Trojan Horse except all they had was enough wood for the legs & an old wool blanket & the funny thing is it still worked because everyone came out & pointed at it & laughed themselves sick

Tree on Fire

This is a tree on fire with love, but it’s still scary since most people think love only looks like one thing instead of the whole world.


The most important thing you leave behind is the stuff that turns into treasures when children find it.

Treacherous Rapids

I’m very broad minded usually, she said, but it gets very narrow & fast in spots.

Travel Basics

I used to think traveling to exotic places would be fun, but I have a little more experience now & it’s only fun if it doesn’t wreck your sleep.


I try not to lie on days I didn’t get enough sleep, my sister told me. It feels good just to be transparent.

Train Sounds

The clock ticked as loudly as rain on glass. I like trains because they make sounds that fit their bodies.

Toothpick Fence

He built fences of whole boxes of toothpicks because he didn’t have enough money for redwood. I know it’s small, he said, but I don’t want everybody just thinking they can walk right in & some day, it’ll be bigger. Fences take practice for everyone.

Too Much Stuff

I try not to collect too much because having stuff takes more time than you think. But then again sometimes it’s good to stay busy.

Too Much Beauty

I have heard too much beauty to ever go back, he said & in that moment, I knew there was no way the children of our world would fail.

Too Many Words

Does Santa get to do as much PlayStation as he wants? he said & I said nobody gets to do as much of anything as they want, or the economy would grind to a halt & he looked at me & said, That was a simple yes or no question, Dad.

Too Easy

ready to ride as soon as they decide whether they want to go in the direction they’re all facing or whether that’d be too easy


Do you ever listen to me? she said & I said I did but sometimes it took a couple of days to sort it out in a way that didn’t make me want to murder her in her sleep.

Tofu Pup

taunting the neighbor’s dog with meat-flavored tofu because he can’t get anyone else to eat it.

To-Do List

You seem very calm for a woman who’s getting married, I said & she nodded. It’s on my to-do list, she said, so there’s no point in agonizing about it

Tired of Sitting

Sticking his neck out because he’s tired of just sitting there hoping people will notice him for his calm energy


There are moments when I’m completely at peace, but it’s usually before my children wake up & they’ll have none of that.


If you kill your brother, she said, you’re going to get a huge timeout.

Time in a Box

This is a box filled with all the time in the world & most people are amazed it fits in such a small space.


I remember the lights of Atlantic City reflected from her glasses & there was the tilt-a-whirl right as she kissed me & I spun happily in circles for a long time after that.