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Most people she never tells about the tightrope because she doesn’t want to listen to their helpful comments from the ground.

Tight Perm

If you get a tight enough perm, she told me, it’s almost as good as a face lift. But she had worked around a lot of toxic chemicals in the 60’s, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Tiger Rain

Her umbrella was filled with rain she had collected in her travels & on hot summer days she would open it up for the neighborhood kids & we would splash in the puddles & then it would smell like Nairobi or Tasmania & later on we would sit on the porch & eat ice cream & watch for tigers in the bushes.

Tidy Dinosaur

You have to admit even though I’m a dinosaur, I’m rather tidy.

Three Blind Mice

I tried for a whole summer to teach our cat to play the piano. We started with an easy song. It was 3 Blind Mice. My dad said it didn’t work because the cat had a tin ear, but I think it was because she kept looking around for the blind mice the whole time & never gave it her full attention.

Thousand Moments

I still remember the day the world took you back & there was never time to thank you for the thousand scattered moments you left behind to watch us while we slept.

Thin Skin

Only her skin between her life & a return to the great wide ocean


trying to remember when it stopped being theory & turned into real life, because theory was a whole lot easier

The World Itself

When she held out her arms, the world itself wrapped around me & held me tight.

The Wonder of It All

Sitting there in your pajamas & all the time in the world & if I could keep any moment it would be this: watching you & holding my breath with the wonder of it all.

The Wind What Blows

This is the wind what blows, he said, & it lives in a jar in my bed & his eyes were big with the knowing of all that.

The Whole World

My favorite thing is being your lap while we sit there together & love the whole world.

Ten Commandments

I asked her why she never told us about the Ten Commandments & she said she wasn’t ever that good with numbers so she loved everything as best she could & I remember thinking who needs all those rules anyway with a mother like her around.


The plane shook so much I thought I was in a bowl of metal jello & I heard him say, If you & Mom die, can I go live with the Temptations?


I don’t mind being a temp, she told me. It reminds me of my priorities.

Tell The Truth

It would be easier if I just told the truth, he said, but I wasn’t there for a lot of it

Teeth in a Box

These are teeth in a box & it swallows up all the mean things in the world & holds them in its jaws until times start to change.

Teaching Right

She asked me if I had kids & when I said I did she said make sure you teach them what’s right. & I said how will I know? & she nodded & said, good point, just don’t teach them any obvious wrong then.

Tallest Man in the World

I’m the tallest man in the world, he said, so I’ll have to miss dinner & I said too bad about missing the ice cream then & suddenly he found he fit quite well at the table if he let his legs stretch down the hall.

Taller than Usual

Does everyone seem taller than usual? she said & I said that’s what happens when you stop pretending you don’t care.