By Gabriel Andreas

Real Gift

The real gift we have been given is the gift of being together.


I don’t want to be remembered. I want my blood to become sap, my bones to become roots, my breath to become the wind. Even wanting is not so important. Even wanting will become something new.

Good Grief

Sometimes it is good to cry. Nothing grows without a little rain.

Fire Breather

When the fire has gone to embers, that is when I hope you will watch it most carefully, because all it takes is one breath.

Hard Fought

In the end, it wasn’t about who was right or who won, it was about standing shoulder to shoulder in the trenches and pushing together toward a peaceful world.


Life is not meant to give us what we want, unless what we want is to be broken open so the light can get free.

For Granted

It’s easy to focus on the things that are not going so well and forget that there is still so much to be grateful for. Like the fact we are a bundle of cosmic soup bound together by pure energy and running a 4 dimensional hallucination program we call consciousness. It’s neat.

Mitten Weather

It’s probably not a good sign that I’m ready for winter to be over and it’s October.

Act Gently

How many of us are fighting, each day, to hold on to something solid, when inside, everything feels like it’s falling apart? Act gently. Use your words as words, and not as swords, because the last thing we need is another battle when we are already at war with ourselves.


Being a leader doesn’t mean being the biggest, meanest dog in the cage, it means knowing when to sit down, shut up, and listen to the feedback.

Big Self

Moon and stars, near and far, it’s all a part of who we are.


The book of life has many pages and death is not the last.

Story People

Imagine a world
where we listen
to everyone’s
and learn
we are not
as different
as we are
the same.

Still Time

There is still time
to build a world
of peace,
of easy words
and bright rooms,
where everywhere
we go
we will be

River Heart

When I think about
all of the
loving people
in my life,
it feels like
my heart
is actually
a river.


and Oak,
the trees
make no issue
of their differences.

Easier With Two

I said,
I don’t know
how to do this,
and you offered me
a hand,
and suddenly
we were in the boat

Our Story

Tell me again about the first time we met. It’s my favorite story.

Wild Magic

You don’t know who they will be, the ones who open your eyes to life’s wild magic, but when you find them, it will not be hard to tell.

Earthmother (for Heidi)

When I think of you, it is with thoughts of butterflies and flowers. I did not know their names until you told me, like a precious secret, like this knowledge was the only true wealth, and how lucky that we could be rich together. Perhaps I would not know to love the world from the roots up, as you do, without your quiet enthusiasm for everything that grows.
It might seem a perilous undertaking of the spirit, to see what beauty is still alive in this world of smoke, and speed, and fear, but as I question if there is hope for us in the times to come, I remember you in your garden, smiling, and showing us that hope is everywhere if you know where to look.