Wolf Angel

this is a wolf angel & it eats the people it’s supposed to help. A wolf angel is not a good angel to have looking out for you.

Short Pants

He wore the devil costume at every opportunity even though the pants were too short & could never understand why no one would take him seriously.

Sharp Edges

you don’t really notice how much of this stuff has sharp edges until it gets dark

Shiny Stuff

One Halloween, my sister made a magic wand & she went around giving wishes to all my friends, but when she got glitter on all the candy they yelled at her & she went home crying & later on my mom made me share my candy with her & she was so happy she flung glitter all over & gave me an extra wish I know didn’t work because I still have a sister who loves shiny stuff.

Right Accessory

Sometimes you just need the right accessory, she said & I said I know, sometimes it takes me an hour to pick the right head & she just ignored me.

Regular Hours

wondering if Day of the Dead is nine to five like all the other dead days he can remember

Relative Worries

I’m not worried about ghosts in general, she said. Just the ones that are related to me.

No Danger

Has made peace with this monster
so there’s no danger unless you
wear a perfume that smells like raw meat.

Night Eyes

at dark when all the eyes come out

Night Sailor

Sails about all night. It explains why I look like hell in the morning, she said.

Night Demons

When she played her music even the night demons stopped their work
& it took them some time to remember what it was they were doing
& the best of them had no stomach for it for a long time after that.

Mirror Image

My sister read somewhere once
that if you look into your own eyes
long enough in a mirror
you change into the Devil
& it took her almost thirty years,
but she finally did it.

Meeting the Devil

I never met the Devil (yet) but I imagine it’s a pretty scary experience but then again I guess that’s the point.

Magical Thinker (aka Disappearing Act)

Can make stuff
magically disappear
especially if
it’s got a lot
of butter & sugar
in it


I heard that the big kids soaped the windows on Halloween & all we had was a box of Tide & I couldn’t reach the windows anyway, so I poured a big pile of it on the neighbor’s doorstep & I never figured out how my mom knew it was me until we had kids.


really just wanting to learn a few fun dance steps, but try telling that to all those panic-stricken Japanese

Disappearing Act (aka Magical Thinker)

Can make stuff magically disappear, especially if it’s got a lot of butter & sugar in it

Bunch of Bones

You know why kids like skeletons? he said & I said I didn’t &
he said it was because it didn’t matter if you were good or bad, you
ended up a bunch of bones & he stopped for a second & then he added,
but you don’t have to worry, I’ll still be good.

Bad Witches

This is a poison soup to kill all the bad witches, she said. How can you tell the difference? I asked. O, good witches are very polite & say no thank you. Bad witches just die.