This is the
kind of love
that just keeps

Natural Bond

Maybe it doesn’t
have to be
so serious.
Maybe we don’t
have to make a big deal
out of spending
the rest of our lives

Real Magic

Life might be
a miracle,
but I never knew
until I met you.

Walking Together

I am proud to see
the one you are,
and the one
you are becoming.
It is no small thing,
this chance I have
been given
to walk the road
beside you.

Dream Life

I don’t know
how to find the world
that lives in my dreams,
but in all of them
you are there,
so I think that
is the place to start.

Long Shot

What are the odds
that in the span of the infinite
galactic tangle of stars
and quasars and black holes,
somehow we found
each other?

Waiting to be Kissed

Every time I looked at the picture I thought how I should have kissed her, so finally I hid it in the attic & I wonder if it’s still there with us both so young & her waiting to be kissed.

Slow Heat

melting in the slow heat of a summer night, damp with the dark air & thoughts of you

Single Mind

If I love you with all my heart, she said, what will you give me? & then she stopped & said I didn’t have to answer that because she was going to do it anyway.

Right Practice

It’s hard to say the right words without practice, I said & she whispered in my ear, Say them as many times as you like & we practiced late into the night.

Real Limit

How many people can you love before it’s too much? she said & I said I didn’t think there was any real limit as long as you didn’t care if they loved you back.

Quiet Spaces

We had gone far enough together to listen easily in the quiet spaces.

Quiet Prayer

As long as the sun shall rise goes the old lovers vow. But we are children of a scientific age & have no time for poetry. Still, I offer a quiet prayer of thanks for the sunlight each time I see your face.

Possible Love

She learned to love him before he thought it was even possible,
so he didn’t have a chance to hide & mess it up &
while it was a little scary at times, mainly he could not
even imagine the world without her there.


I’m feeling overdressed, she said & he held her close & said as far as he was concerned she was always that way & her eyes glowed softly in the light of his desire

No More Secret

I will always remember the day
the sun shone dark on your hair
& I forgot where we were
& kissed you lightly
on the nose & suddenly
there was no more secret.

No Words

I read once that the
ancient Egyptians had
fifty words for sand
& the Inuit had a
hundred words for snow.
I wish I had
a thousand words
for love,
but all that comes
to mind is the way
you move against me
while you sleep
& there are
no words for that.

No Difference

There was a boy with skin
as dark as the earth
& a girl with
eyes as blue as the deep
& they loved
each other so well
that people could
not tell
them apart,
for in their hearts,
there was
no difference
between them.

Mr. Right

He loved her for almost
everything she was
& she decided that
was enough to let him stay
for a very long time.

Making Room (masculine)

When I first met him,
I knew in a moment
I would have to spend
the next few days
re-arranging my mind
so there’d be room
for him to stay.