Travel & Moving

Yellow Buttons

She told me once that the year she went to England she painted all her buttons yellow so she would remember what the sun felt like.


This is a wheelbarrow I filled with all my dreams & my favorite clothes & now all I need is someone to help me push it.

Waiting to Stay

Sometimes I can’t wait to leave, but not when my boys are wishing I could stay


Life must be cheaper here, she said & I said I don’t think life is cheap anywhere, but there are some places people haven’t added it up yet because they’re too busy making stuff for America.

Veteran Traveler

carries a lot of suitcases but all of them are empty because she’s expecting to completely fill them with life by the end of this trip
& then she’ll come home
& sort everything out
& do it all again

Undiscovered Places

map of some places not discovered quite yet because when people get too close it stands up & trots away

Twilight Zone

This keeps time in 3 different time zones, but none of them are the one he’s usually in.

Travel Basics

I used to think traveling to exotic places would be fun, but I have a little more experience now & it’s only fun if it doesn’t wreck your sleep.

Tiger Rain

Her umbrella was filled with rain she had collected in her travels & on hot summer days she would open it up for the neighborhood kids & we would splash in the puddles & then it would smell like Nairobi or Tasmania & later on we would sit on the porch & eat ice cream & watch for tigers in the bushes.


The plane shook so much I thought I was in a bowl of metal jello & I heard him say, If you & Mom die, can I go live with the Temptations?


I’m the last person you should ask about weird, he told me, I was raised in the suburbs of America

Street Signs

These are all the street signs for this area but he keeps moving them around at night so the only people who aren’t lost all the time are the children who never pay attention to signs anyway.

Stress Management

I can imagine it working out perfectly, I said. I can’t, she said & I said no wonder you’re so stressed.

Strange Country

She asked my sons what strange countries they had been to & my oldest son said England & my youngest said we live in Iowa & they all agreed that was strangest of all.

(Note: The name of the state can be changed if you think yours is more strange than Iowa…)

Songs to Herself

She waved at all the people on the trains & later, when she saw they didn’t wave back, she started singing songs to herself & it went that way the whole day & she couldn’t remember having a better time in her life.

Some Kind of Ride

feels like some kind of ride but it’s turning out just to be life going absolutely perfectly

Small Town

Everywhere’s a small town, she said, if you do something that bothers enough people.

Side Effect

I don’t really get jet lag, she said. I just see my husband’s failings more clearly.

Side by Side

We sat side by side in the morning light & looked out at the future together.


You’re not going to see people like this again for a long time, he said & I said I always saw people like this & he looked at me for a moment & said, You’re not from around here, are you?