Our Story

Our Story

Tell me again about the first time we met. It’s my favorite story.


There are more with a spark like the one you carry in your loving heart, so I know we will never be lost.

Secret Admirer

I probably won’t admit it in person, but I think you’re pretty great.

Core Team

Don’t take your family for granted, because people who love you even after they know you don’t come along every day.


For everything you’ve done and everything you are, thank you. You are the light that shines.


When I wasn’t sure if it was
worth it
to keep going,
because of how hard it was,
you were there
to show me
it wasn’t going to be easy,
but it was going to be worth it.

We Missed You

Warm rough hands,
worn work boots,
dirt on the pants
and a dance in his eyes.
Hey everybody,
dad’s home.

Quiet Way

You arrived
when you were most needed
and held the ground steady
in your quiet way.
For us, there is no question,
we could never have made it this far
without you.

True Happiness

Exhibit a.
This is a picture
of true happiness.


This is for the times
you held me in your thoughts,
I could be more.

Stubborn Love

All those times I wanted to quit,
slip out through the escape hatch
and disappear without a trace.
But you weren’t having it,
you and your stubborn love.

Heart Lines

There are invisible lines
connecting everything together,
and I am particularly fond of
the one that connects me to you.

Ulterior Motive

What would it take to fly? he said & I said I wasn’t sure, but I knew he’d have to move faster than he did now & he thought about that for a minute & then he looked at me & said you’re trying to teach me something, aren’t you?

True Map

There is no one who comes here that does not know this is a true map of the world, with you there in the center, making home for us all.


There are moments when I’m completely at peace, but it’s usually before my children wake up & they’ll have none of that.


Some days I wonder how my kids will turn out, but most of the time I’m just figuring out how to survive them right now.

Some Kind of Ride

feels like some kind of ride but it’s turning out just to be life going absolutely perfectly

Sin Box

Three stories: Variations on a sin theme 1.) I see stuff like this a lot in my dreams, so I decided it should at least be doing something useful while I figure out what it means. 2.) I’ve tried to keep my sins organized over the years. That way I can correct it quickly if I find I’m missing out on something good. 3.) This box could probably put a curse on someone who believed in that stuff, like a burglar maybe. Personally, I don’t believe in curses, but I don’t think I’d take anything from a box that looked like this either just to be safe.

Side by Side

We sat side by side in the morning light & looked out at the future together.

Sabre-Toothed Tiger

If I was a sabre-toothed tiger, he said, I’d bite you up. If you were a sabre-toothed tiger, I said, you’d be dead & that was the first quiet I’d had all day.