Our Story

Our Story

Tell me again about the first time we met. It’s my favorite story.

Wild Magic

You don’t know who they will be, the ones who open your eyes to life’s wild magic, but when you find them, it will not be hard to tell.

Secret Admirer

I probably won’t admit it in person, but I think you’re pretty great.


Nothing feels more like everything than love.


When I wasn’t sure if it was
worth it
to keep going,
because of how hard it was,
you were there
to show me
it wasn’t going to be easy,
but it was going to be worth it.

Light Within

The light
inside of one
is enough
to change
the world,
so imagine
what we
can do
with two.

Breathless (I)

The first time
I saw you,
I knew it
was going
to take
fifty years
to catch
my breath.

True Happiness

Exhibit a.
This is a picture
of true happiness.

Heart Lines

There are invisible lines
connecting everything together,
and I am particularly fond of
the one that connects me to you.

True Map

There is no one who comes here that does not know this is a true map of the world, with you there in the center, making home for us all.

Some Kind of Ride

feels like some kind of ride but it’s turning out just to be life going absolutely perfectly

Side by Side

We sat side by side in the morning light & looked out at the future together.

Enough Time (Masculine)

Everything changed the day he figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in his life.