Three Blind Mice

I tried for a whole summer to teach our cat to play the piano. We started with an easy song. It was 3 Blind Mice. My dad said it didn’t work because the cat had a tin ear, but I think it was because she kept looking around for the blind mice the whole time … [Read More]

Pig Cat

Your cat seems very healthy, I said to her. That is not a cat, she said. That is a pig in cat’s clothing.

New Places

She moved with the grace of a cat & her tongue licked at the corner of her lips & I’m sure she would have helped me if I could have said I am just a child & don’t know what to do, but I was just a child & didn’t know how to tell her … [Read More]


What happened to you? I said & she said she was nurturing the cat against its will & that was the end of that conversation.

Bird Costume

fond of dressing like a bird at every opportunity & then sneaking around at dusk scaring the bejeezus out of cats