Winter Cure

he looks fierce mainly because he hates the beginning of winter & the only thing that seems to help is gritting your teeth

Winter Light

the light came down like rain & we soaked it in for the winter

Reserve Judgment

I used to live for the day, she said, before I moved to Minnesota. Now, I check the temperature before I do anything.

Hot Comfort

I’m only comfortable when it’s hot, she said & I said what about winter? & she said I argue a lot so it makes up for it

Hope Chest

I threw out my hope chest a while back because it was too big to carry around with me all the time, but I still kept all the blankets & clothes. I just dress in more layers now & I’m hoping to move to a cooler climate soon.


Trying out his theory that if your hands & your head are warm the rest doesn’t matter but so far all he can think about is how much it’s going to hurt if his penis freezes off.

Couch Explorer

When I was young I always wanted to go exploring in a cave and when I got older I finally did & it was dark everywhere & there were strange sounds like your stomach after a big meal & I couldn’t wait to get out. I figured out later that I mainly liked to go … [Read More]