Trojan Horse

this was supposed to be just like the Trojan Horse except all they had was enough wood for the legs & an old wool blanket & the funny thing is it still worked because everyone came out & pointed at it & laughed themselves sick

Tallest Man in the World

I’m the tallest man in the world, he said, so I’ll have to miss dinner & I said too bad about missing the ice cream then & suddenly he found he fit quite well at the table if he let his legs stretch down the hall.

Extra Legs

I thought we were getting along just fine, she said, until he noticed the extra legs.

Control Top

She said these legs have a mind of their own. Once they kicked a salesperson in Nordstrom’s & she felt so bad she bought almost $400 worth of stuff & waited almost a week to return it. She is thinking of sending them to obedience school. Their best trick is a judicious use of pantyhose. … [Read More]