Star Gazer

likes to navigate by the stars even when she’s just zipping over to the mall

Great Shopper

It takes focus to be a great shopper, she told me. & practice & how could I argue with that?

Control Top

She said these legs have a mind of their own. Once they kicked a salesperson in Nordstrom’s & she felt so bad she bought almost $400 worth of stuff & waited almost a week to return it. She is thinking of sending them to obedience school. Their best trick is a judicious use of pantyhose. … [Read More]

Body Shop

She tried on every body left but they’d been pretty well picked over & all that were left were a little worse for wear. She finally settled on one that was pretty good except for a scuff at the elbow where you almost couldn’t see it anyway & as she walked out into the world … [Read More]