Life Plan

I asked her what she planned to do with her life & she said she was way beyond that point already. I’m just happy I remember to be there when it happens, she said.

Known Future

THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE FUTURE It doesn’t have to look any particular way, but around here, if it doesn’t, a lot of people will never speak to you again.

LA Hair

She told me she moved to LA so she could dye her hair & be in a band. A couple of years after that someone told me she’d quit her band to go to cosmetology school. I guess it was easier to give up music than to give up the hair.

Invitation to a Future

this is an invitation to an amazing future & I can guarantee it because most futures are & even if they aren’t there are better things to do than blaming me about it

Hate to Mow

He told me once that he never planned to settle down. It’s not that I’m afraid of commitment, he said, I just hate to mow.