trying to remember when it stopped being theory & turned into real life, because theory was a whole lot easier

Reality Check

I’ve seen too many movies to believe this would happen to me, he said & she smiled & kissed him lightly & said, It’s good to let reality in now & then, don’t you think?

Opera Man

My uncle told me once there were 3 rules for a great opera. Make it loud, wear flashy clothes & if it’s not going your way, kill yourself. It has no basis in reality, he added. That’s why I like it.

Not Too Close

I try not to get too close, he said. From a distance almost everything looks real.

General Confusion

I used to be pretty clear on what was real & what I made up, but with everything going on in the world, none of that seems to matter, so I just decided to talk less & smile to myself more, so as not to add to the general confusion