Teeth in a Box

These are teeth in a box & it swallows up all the mean things in the world & holds them in its jaws until times start to change.

Good Excuse

I’m too lazy to get enlightened, he told me once & I like restaurants too much. What does that have to do with anything? I said. I’m not sure, he said, but any excuse is good when there’s change involved.

Cultivating Vice

I leave it to other people to change, she told me. I spend my time just cultivating vices.

Big Hair

This is a bag filled with big hair & even though it doesn’t weigh much, you have to be careful how you handle it because it’s toxic.

Balloon Man

He used to make model balloons & send them off to Macy’s with a note that they could use them free of charge for their parades. After Macy’s filed for bankruptcy he just shook his head. A better balloon could’ve turned that whole situation around, he said.