Monster in a Box

This is a monster in a box & all it eats is sugar & raw hamburger so you can understand how it got to be so fierce.

Lost at the Fair

When I was 5, he said, my family forgot & left me at the fair. I wandered around in the bright sounds & smells of hot sawdust & cotton candy for hours. It was already too late by the time my parents found me. I haven’t been fit for decent society since.


It’s a nickel a glass, he said, because I can’t charge that much since I ran out of sugar & I asked if he’d had many customers & he said not yet, but he sure hoped so because he didn’t want to have to drink the whole thing himself. It’s a refreshing change, he said, … [Read More]

Butter & Sugar

I like butter & sugar & being alive a whole lot & today I’m kind of sad because with all the latest studies I figured out I’m going to have to choose.