Next Big Thing

On the lookout for the next big thing because it would solve a lot of the problems of having to deal with the same old stuff.

LA Hair

She told me she moved to LA so she could dye her hair & be in a band. A couple of years after that someone told me she’d quit her band to go to cosmetology school. I guess it was easier to give up music than to give up the hair.

Invitation to a Future

this is an invitation to an amazing future & I can guarantee it because most futures are & even if they aren’t there are better things to do than blaming me about it

Impossible Position

Impossible yoga position but she likes to have goals that no one else can imagine,┬áso they’ll shut up about how they understand exactly what she’s going through

Hate to Mow

He told me once that he never planned to settle down. It’s not that I’m afraid of commitment, he said, I just hate to mow.

Backup Husband

You can’t just say stuff like that, she told me, people will think you’re serious & I nodded & said I know & won’t they be surprised when they finally figure it out & she shook her head & said she should probably make plans then for a backup husband.