Special Container

This is a special container for keeping lies that you tell yourself & it doesn’t let in any light or air otherwise they start to go bad & there’s nothing else you can do but throw them out.

Promises to Myself

I will tell the truth unless I get confused & think I could get in real trouble if someone found out, in which case, I will lie as convincingly as possible for as long as I feel the need.

Pointless Lies

He said he was followed around by a cloud of electrons that knew what he was thinking. I’ve given up lying, he said & then he pointed over his shoulder. What’s the point? They just go & tell everybody the truth anyway. It sounds worse than it is, he said. Once you forget how to … [Read More]

Mixed Up

Why do you tell the truth? my son asked & I thought about it for awhile & finally I said, Because human beings get mixed up easier than dogs & plants & fishes. What if you’re someone who doesn’t get mixed up? he said. Go ahead & lie, I said & then I hit him … [Read More]

Good Reasons

I tell stories for very good reasons, she said, but I’m not going to tell you what they are or you’d start reading too much into them